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Two Cups written by kckzi, 2010-10-06 02:12 CEST (0 comments)

I will be throwing two cups on Sunday. We are splitting up the cups by skill level. The first cup will be for the lower level players and will be played at 4pm EST. If you are interested you can sign up for this cup right here [wswnanovice.tourney.cc]. The other cup will be played at 7:30pm EST and is for the higher level players (loose interpretation). You can sign up for that cup on this site.

For whichever cup you are attending, please be here 15-30 minutes before (if you show up even a minute late, your not playing). Both cups will be double elimination.

The map pools for each cup will differ because I'm trying to get the high level players to play something other than 2,5,6. While the low level players need to practice those maps. For the the novice cup, go to the novice site for the map pool.

Pro Cup Map Pool: 1,3,10,14,15

To pick maps, high seed first pick, low seed second pick. Each player eliminates a map. And Boom, play the last map standing.

Pre-QuakeCon Cup written by kckzi, 2010-07-27 21:02 CEST (2 comments)

Hello nerds that enjoy watching pigs that can jump off walls shoot rocket launchers at each other. It's time for a pre-quakecon cup. This is a good chance for people going to quakecon to practice before they go, and for people not going, to at least have some fun competing.

The cup will be this Saturday (July 31) at 7:30pm EST. Sign ins will open at 7, but if you do not sign in by 7:15, you will not be playing in the cup (no exceptions).

The map pool will be:
wdm14 (Yes, 14)
36dm5 [spiralarchitect.net] (Yes, the beta textured map)
I realize people (Lo/wormy) will probably bitch about the map pool one way or the other, but I feel these are the most played maps that offer the most variety of play, and since you only need to play 3 of them, you shouldn't have a problem.

The map selection will work like this, each player will pick a map they will play (probably their best map), then after those two have been played, if a third game is necessary, then each player chooses 1 map to eliminate (probably their worst map). Whichever map is left, is the map they will play. I do this because I feel it will bring out everyone's best play and lead to the most competition, despite it's complications.

Congrats to the winners:
1st ouxon
2nd dodson
3rd clownFart

If you have any questions, ask kckzi on IRC.
If you have any suggestions, die in a fire and then rot in hell.

Season 4 written by kckzi, 2008-07-02 17:51 CEST (3 comments)

Alright, last week was another very successful tournament with woodyfly taking home the gold. Streams/shoutcasts of the tourney can be found on Deathmatch Radio [ustream.tv].

In this weeks news, sign ups are now open for this and the novice tourney. Same rules and time as always (Sunday, 8:30pm EST). For any changes or shoutcast/wswtv information stay tuned to #wsw.na on quakenet.

Bo3, 10 minute duels.

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